zalzala in Pakistan – Pakistan earthquake

Zalzala in Pakistan – Pakistan earthquake. After 10 years of October 2005, today on 26th October 2015 earthquake hit Pakistan again. The earthquake struck the country at 2:09pm today on Monday.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck major cities of Pakistan and neighboring countries. The Pakistan Meteorological Department, said the earthquake had a magnitude of 8.1 however Indian Meteorological Department, said the magnitude of the earthquake was 7.7. Epicentre of the quake was deep in the mountainous region of Hindu Kush in Afghanistan.

According to the reports more than 200 people died and at least 1000 were injured. There were reports of building collapses, landslides, stampedes and other quake related incidents.

Authorities are expecting increase in the death toll in coming days as major affected region is remote mountainous area and communication services are down. Geological department have warred people about expected aftershocks.

Magnitude of today’s earthquake was close to the earthquake of 2005 but fortunately today’s earthquake was at a depth of 196 km, while earthquake in 2005 was at a depth of 26 km.

CNN Reporting Today’s Pakistan Earthquake ( zalzala in Pakistan )

zalzala in pakistan

pakistan earthquake

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