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Tameer E School program was lunched by Government of Khyber Pakhthunkhwa. In this program interested individuals and companies can donate money to different schools of Khyber Pakhthunkhwa. Donations can be made on Official Website.

Basically in this program anyone can donate money for any one or more of six key facilities which includes boundary wall, toilets, drinking water, furniture, classrooms and computer labs. Any one can donate minimum of 2000 PKR on websites. If someone wants to donate less then 2000 they need to donate other then website.

Advertisement of this program was done by Chairman PTI Mr Imran Khan and Cricket superstar Shahid Khan Afridi.

Pictures of Tameer E School Program:

KPK education

Naya KPK

Afridi IK Imran Khan 1 Imran Khan lala Shahid Afridi tameer e school 1

This program will improve the condition of KPK education. PTI lead government in Naya KPK is taking positive steps to improve KPK education and this is one among those steps. PTI chairman Imran Khan repeatedly said that KPK education is their priority to make Naya KPK.

Video of Naya KPK Education :

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