Mathira Khan – Flint J (Fathan Rizvi)

Flint J is husband of Pakistani actress Mathira Khan. His real name is Farran J Mirza not Fathan Rizvi.

Mathira Khan ( Mathira Mohammad )

Mathira Khan birth name is Mathira Mohammad. Mathira Mohammad is one of the Pakistani famous actresses. She is not only actress but also singer, model, hostess and dancer.

Mathira is one of most scandalous and controversial Pakistani actress and singer. She is famous for her bold shoots on and off the camera.

Mathira Mohammad has appeared in music videos and hosted several television shows . She became more famous for her item songs in the Indian Punjabi film Young Malang and Pakistani movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi.

Mathira Khan was born in 1991/92 in Harare, Zimbabwe to a Pakistani mother and African father. She moved to Pakistan at the age of 13 when her family shifted back to Pakistan.

Mathira Songs

Her carrier started with the music videos of Desi Beat, Nachdi Kamaal Billo and Desi Beat by Pakistani singer Malkoo and music video of sone Woh Kaun Thi by Rizwan ul Haq. These are first mathira songs but there are many other mathira songs.

Her hosting carrier started with a late night programme Love Indicator on Vibe TV in March 2011. She also hosted a programme Baji Online on AAG TV.

Her Bollywood carrier started with a item song Lakk Ch Current in Indian Punjabi film Young Malang in 2013. Later she started her acting debut in Bollywood in a film Young Malang in 2014. Currently she is working in movies Blind Love, Tum Hi To Ho, Raasta and Sikander.

Sister of Mathira Khan – Rose Mohammad

Mathira have only 1 sibling. Her sister name is Rose Mohammad. Sister of Mathira is younger then her.

Husband of Mathira – Flint J

Flint J is husband of Pakistani actress Mathira Khan. Flint J real name is Farran J Mirza not Fathan Rizvi. There are many online websites reporting name of Mathira husband Fathan Rizvi which is not correct.

Real name of Flint J is Farran J Mirza not Fathan Rizvi

Mathira married to him in 2012. The couple didn’t share much about their personal life. Flint J is a singer, song writer and composer.

Mathira is know as extra bold actress in Pakistan but on the other hand her personal life is very private and she didn’t share much about her family.

Flint J Songs

Following are some famous flint J Songs :

  • Lutya Tu (2014)
  • Aashiqan De (2013)
  • Tumka (2016)
  • Dynamite (2016)
  • Dance Soniye (2014)
  • Ishq (2015)
  • House Party (2016)

Son of Mathira Khan – Aahil Rizvi

Mathira and Flint J have a son named Aahil Rizvi, who was born in 2014.

Pictures of Mathira Khan

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