KPK Police School of Investigation – Naya KPK Updates

KPK police was in need of school of investigation to make model police for Naya KPK. Inspector General Police Nasir Khan Durrani at the first meeting of the police working group said that police need an effective Investigation system to counter militancy. The School will increase the Intelligence capability of KPK Police.

IGP Nasir Durrani inaugurated the school in Peshawar on Tuesday, 10th of Jun 2014. The school was created by keeping in view the increasing use of technology in crime these days.

The first batch of the school contained 25 officers from across the province. Kp police had used its own resources to establish the school of investigation.

According to¬†The Express Tribune : “The police have engaged highly-qualified specialists from across the country as lecturers. There will be courses on crime scene preservation, evidence collection, evidence preservation as per modern day best practices, cellular forensics, geo tagging, geo fencing and interrogation techniques.”

The IG Police suggested police officer taking part in course to perform their duties with integrity, empathy, impartiality and honesty.He further termed the Investigation Wing the backbone of kpk police force. He further said anyone found in corruption or nepotism will be handled strictly.

Two schools have been established so far in the province. And there is plan to establish three more schools.

Images of KPK Police School of Investigation.

KPK Police 0 KPK Police 1 KPK Police 2 KPK Police 3 KPK Police 4 KPK Police 5


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